The COCN (Colectivo Ornitológico Cigüeña Negra), together with the ICS (International Civil Service) and the local government in Tarifa, held an international workcamp in Tarifa in the summer of 2003.

Twelve people from different countries (Austria, Spain, England, Germany, Italy, Belgium, France, Slovenia...) volunteered in environmental projects and helped to promote the natural values of the area on an international level.

The work included signposting the entrance of the protected area “Paraje Natural de los Lances”, which is part of the Strait of Gibraltar natural park; they painted a mural on the butane gas building wall near the main entrance to the park. The mural contains several drawings that highlight the area´s ornithological value; the painting of the mural was made possible thanks to the help and approval of the concessionary of the building and the owner (the local government).

The work also included the rebuilding and maintenance of the Cazalla observatory, one of the best places for birdwatching and for studying the migration of birds of prey and storks from all over Europe. The observatory was a gift from the local government of Tarifa to the COCN.

Here the volunteers cleaned the area, rebuilt the observatory and made it user-friendly (signposting, putting bins in, etc... ).

During their stay the volunteers met with the authorities in charge of the protection of the natural park and the Playa de los Lances area: the provincial representative of the environmental department of the Junta de Andalucía (the regional government) for instance, the environmental department of the local authorities in Tarifa, and the COCN, the NGO (Non-governmental Organization) that was in charge of the project.

The translation of this webpage was also done by the volunteers to promote the COCN in order to raise awareness of the natural importance of the area.