Protected area “Paraje natural de la Playa de los Lances”
The “Paraje Natural Playa de los Lances” is an important ornithological landmark: birds nest there and it is also a resting area for many migrating species.

At the moment the “Paraje Natural Playa de los Lances” is part of the Strait of Gibratar natural park; this does not impede it from being threatened by pollution (spills – on land or in the sea), uncontrolled use of the land as pastures and animals on the loose (horses, dogs, etc...) .

But there is no doubt that the biggest danger of all is people’s lack of evironmental conciousness; which is reflected in the way they make use the beach: activities like surfing or sailing for example disturb the birds.

During the 2003 international workcamp the volunteers painted a twelve meter mural in front of one of the main entrances to the park. The aim of the mural was to make people aware of the status of the park as a protected area.

Among other things the volunteers met with different entities in charge of the conservation of this area; this included the provincial representative of the environmental department of the Junta de Andalucía and with the environmental department of the local government in Tarifa. This enabled the volunteers to the understand how things were run on a bigger scale and how the different natural parks in the region were managed.