This was Cazalla - the observatory - before we started work...the inside was all run down and dirty too..

Down to work: Roberta has a go at cementing the holes , while Edu...puts his hand on the window? The others are hard at work inside trying to get rid of the dirt and an infestation of wood-lice..

Claire and Barbara start painting the outside of the observatory on a very hot day. This was only the first coat of paint, as we must have painted the walls at least three times!

back the end of a hard day's work, Salva is herding the volunteers into the van and packing them off home

Nausicaa and Salva smile bravely as they lift a 15 kilo bag of cement


Lourdes and Roberta paint the benches that we then fixed to the sides of the observatory..while they work peacefully in the shade, Rebecca, Diana and Sarah are sizzling out in the sun painting their bench with beautiful blue feet..

The door has now been put in after a big effort from Barbara, Thomas and Edu and despite Peter knocking it down!

Diana and Sarah go mad and have a paint duel..this is the last picture of Sarah with green trousers.


Edu and Koen look ecstatic now that the window is finally going to be fitted after a lot of cementing and hammering and cementing and breaking bricks and cementing...

Sarah's still looking happy after endless hours in Cazalla..


Peter gives Edu a big hug! after desperately trying to find a way out of the hut, Edu chose to try the window - no easy task! Peter helps him a little..while the others look on and laugh

The Ciguena Negra is starting to take shape..Edu and Peter don't seem to be very enthusiastic about the girl's they decide to head off home and to the beach..


Rebecca and Barbara are the proud designers of this beautiful multi-coloured compass so that birdwatchers will always know whether the storks are flying towards Africa or Europe..