Roberta is looking shifty as she prepares a surprise birthday poster for Caco with Nausicaa..everyone stuck a picture of themselves on a bird's body to wish him a very happy birdsday!

5 o'clock in the morning after a wild night in various bars in Tarifa..the party went on all night and involved a lot of jumping up and down on the tables.. Nelis was still going strong but Koen was swaying dangerously at the edge of the table with a strange look in his eyes..


Salva decides to come join the party after hearing a lot of thumping emanating from the kitchen..he looks a bit dazed but happy enough in his sexy white pyjamas

Barbecue for Caco's birthday..after a lot of sangria we gave him the birdie poster and then went on to play games...

back this one...Claire is laughing uncontrollably after loosing her two ballons while everyone else is having a balloon fight (although this wasn't really the aim of the game)

here you can see Thomas from behind ( while he bops Rebecca in the face) - one of the only pictures of him!

Manolo!! he got bopped on the head by someone who appears to be Nelis (note the strong brown hand and the white jumper) in return for cooking us a wonderful barbecue and making the sangria..


the balloon party is now completly out of control!!

the red and white bucket had contained the sangria but it appears that at this point there wasn't much of it left..

err.. back to the night in Tarifa: these were the people waving to the people on the table! Oriol was is a dancing frenzy. Nausicaa and Roberta stayed til the end to go and see the sunrise on the beach - which they never saw because the beach is facing the wrong way!

barbara was also partying hard - and if you look carefully you can spot Koen's fist, still standing - wow!