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·        In order to participate in any COCN activity (volunteering camps, courses, etc.),  it is compulsory to fill in the corresponding application form.

F    These forms are available for download at    Volunteer Application Form &  Volunteer declaration - Bird Monitoring Programs.

·        Completed application forms have to be emailed to COCN ( together with all other documents required in the proposal (CV, volunteering declaration, etc.).

·        All documents must be filled out either in Spanish or in English.

·        Documentation must arrive at least 20 days before the requested activity starts. Late or incomplete applications WON’T BE CONSIDERED.

F    During high work periods, we can’t assure that we will notify the applicants of missing requirements or mistakes in their applications.

·        No applications or reservations can be made over the phone.

·        By signing the application form, the applicants commit themselves to participate in the activity if admitted. Not showing up on the start date can ruin the whole project.  Besides, as places are limited, someone else may have been left out of the activity because you got your place.

F    Force majeure problems or unforeseen circumstances that may stop you from coming must be communicated as soon as possible to COCN. In these cases, the application fee (read further) will not be refunded. 

·        Some projects require you to pay a training fee.  In those cases, the fee amount appears in the activity proposal or in the informational materials.

F    COCN members DO NOT have to pay as the association covers all costs.

F    Non-members have to deposit the fee amount into the following bank account no later than 8 days before the activity starts.

Colectivo Ornitológico Cigüeña Negra     BBVA - Tarifa ( Entidad 0182  Of. 3225)   DC 90

Nº de Cuenta: 0.203.404.407


F    You can wait until you are notified of your admission to pay the fe.

F    Applicants with severe economic hardship who can’t afford to pay the fee may submit a formal request for financial assistance to COCN. The request must be submitted sufficiently in advance, so that COCN can process it and take a decision. The decision will be communicated to the applicant who will have to send the application form at this moment.

F    In formation courses, the fee includes the enrollment, insurance and educational materials.

F    In volunteering camps COCN meets room and board, volunteer’s insurance and all materials needed for the project, but sometimes a fee is required as they also include formative activities.



·        As the number of places is limited, the applications will be considered in the order in which they are received as long as the candidate meets the admission requirements.

·        Especially in volunteering camps, our priority is to build a strong and complemented work team, so the selection process will not only be based on the submission date but also on the information provided in candidates’ application forms.

·        In bird monitoring programs, the information that we value the most is the previous participation in bird watching activities and the number of entries in COCN database. For this reason, candidates who are not registered in it or who have very few entries will be less likely to be selected for the project.

F    We really encourage you to get familiar with the platform ( ) and to enter recent observations before submitting your application.

·        Foreign candidates who want to take part in volunteering projects or in formation courses must be able to communicate (speak and understand effectively) in Spanish or English. 



·        As we understand that preparing a trip takes time, the admission in the project will be notified to the applicant as soon as possible.

F    Although no applications or reservations can be made over the phone, applicants can phone us to be informed about the number of applications processed and the probability of being admitted in a certain activity.

·        At least 12 days before the activity starts, COCN emails the PROJECT SHEET to all applicants. This document includes a list of admitted participants and a list of non-admitted applicants with clear justification of their non-acceptance in the project.

F    It is really IMPORTANT to write down your email address clearly in the application form.

·        Together with the Project Sheet, COCN will send a VOLUNTEER DECLARATION FORM to the admitted participants. This form includes the conditions under which the activity will take place. It must be signed and sent to COCN together with the PAYMENT RECEIPT no later than 8 days before the beginning of the Project.

F    If you have been admitted in an activity, remember to pay the enrolment fee and fill in the volunteer declaration form, at least 8 DAYS BEFORE the beginning of the activity.



Volunteer Application Form

  Volunteer declaration - Bird Monitoring Programs





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